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Adult Sex Toys and Life Adult Sex Toys and Life

Basic Bondage Restraint Kit
Alia Black
    Adult toys do have their place in your sex life and they do incredibly well.  When you use a sex toy with your sweetheart it can add significant fulfillment to your sex life. If you are considering getting a sex toy for once go for it! It will not do any damage to try. I would suggest doing some research on what you are preparing to buy. Only select the best Adult toys, lingerie, adult sex games,for your sexual fulfillment. A sex toy is just a thing to help increase the fun factor of sex, either by yourself or with your sweetheart. Like I've said I really like my fleshlight but I would never think it could ever be a replacement for a real vagina. Though, it is an awesome sex toy and awesome for  self fulfillment.

Babydoll Thong & Vibrator

  If you are considering purchasing a quality sex toy take a look at my store! I have thousands of top quality adult sex toys, lingerie, adult sex games, and many more products at As the proprietor of I want to let you know that purchasing sex toys  from us online is incredibly unobtrusive and discreet. When we send out your package our name is also not anywhere on the delivery box, nor on the label. 
Cyberskin Beauty (movablelimbs)
 I manage many of our purchases myself. We are little, but our orders are  increasing daily. I am impressed by our development right now. I think our development can attributed to the fact that when you buy online you prevent those uncomfortable run ins with individuals that frequent sex shops.
Katsuni Fleshlight
Simply put provides you with anything and everything you want when it comes to adult items, dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, fleshlights, lingeries, adult films (with almost any category you can imagine), sexy outfits, sex games, and much more. I believe you will find everything you want at Provide us  with your business and you will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All About Fleshlights

The Fleshlight Pure
 I personally love the Fleshlight, I believe it is the greatest male sex toy on this planet. I am not saying this because I sell them. I have used  them for years and while not a replacement for the real thing, it comes close. Lets just say it is way better than using your hand.

Since being patented in 1998 the Fleshlight has been bought and used by millions of men. It is now the hottest selling sex toy for men on earth. The Real Feel Superskin insert is where the magic is. It feel so life like to me. I enjoy masturbating with it and even having my partner use it on me.
The Stoya Fleshlight

 As a Fleshlight enthusiast I want every man to try it at least once. I mean, what will it hurt? You will have a new toy to play with, instead of just using your hand. The Fleshlight is a high quality masturbation aid that could really change the way you do your most personal act.

   I saw my first Fleshlight at a porn site (not sure which one). There it was some cartoon with a flashlight looking thing. Not sure what it was at first, but I clicked and read about it. It sounded like a cool thing for me, especially being single at the time. I ordered it, and when it came to my door I could wait to try it.
The Katsuni Fleshlight

  I unboxed the sucker and looked at it for awhile. At first it was weird, but then later I went to my bedroom for a test drive. Let me tell you I was really surprised at how good it felt and since then I was sold on them. I would recommend them every man around the world.

Check out the Fleshlight today!

Friday, November 23, 2012

All About Vibrators All About Vibrators

   It is believed that about 25 to 30 percent of females are not capable of orgasm through regular sex. As a way to take care of this vibes may be used to help or even just boost your sex life. Sex toys can even be issued from sex counselors to females who have difficulty reaching a climax during sex. Couples may also choose to use a vibe to increase the pleasure of their sexual experience.

There are many different kinds of vibrators available. I am going to talk about some them now.

Add caption
Waterproof Vibrators: These vibrators can be used wet, like from the shower wet, not the completely submerged, diving to the see the Titanic kind of wet. The water resistant vibes are suggested to be used with a water compatible lubrication, such as silicone-based lubrication. One is advised to check the power supply to make sure it is not faulty before using the feel under the sea. These vibes last longer if they are dried after every use and the battery power are kept outside the feel when it is not used.

Lipstick Vibe
Discreet Vibrators: Vibrators that are prudently designed to look like everyday things are known as discreet or under cover vibes. This form of vibes is created of a variety of components, forms and colours. The undercover vibes are usually relatively small enough and most of plenty of time they have only one speed and are powered by a single power supply. They tend to copy an exact appearance and design of the everyday, ordinary, objects they are designed to look like, making these vibrators masters of disguise and thus popular among people who travel, and those who wish to masturbate at work. No one will know your lip stick gives you an orgasm!

Anal Vibrator
Anal Vibrators: Anal Vibrators  are awesome they have a flang just like butt plugs. The flange is in place to help to avoid them from going too deep and getting lodged inside the anus (an embarrassing experience, possibly requiring medical attention). Anal vibrators come in many different shapes and colours. They are made from various material as well. When using an anal vibrator, or any sex toy that is designed to go into the anus, it is highly recommended to use alot of lube to ensure that it is comfortable and no tearing of the rectum occurs.

G-spot Vibrators: Similar to the conventional feel but with a challenge and often a soft jelly-like layer. The bend makes it much simpler to use to activate the g-spot or prostate related gland. The G-spot vibes are specifically developed to activate the G-spot in females, and the p spot (prostate gland) in men. This form of vibe has a rounded tip.  These vibrators also come in  many different colours, styles. The vibrating action helps to increase orgasm intensity while in G-spot or prostate  gland play . If you plan to use them to stimulate a man's p spot make sure that you use liberal amounts of lube to ensure a comfortable experience.

Dildo Vibrators: Most of us have seen this vibrator configuration the  dildo vibe!  Most dildos do not have any form of power to make them vibrate. They are usually slid in and out of a mouth, anus, or vagina. When given a vibrator motor it can add even more pleasure to the sex party. Dildo vibrators come in many differnt colors, sizes and configurations.

The Diving Dolphin Cockring
Vibrating Cockrings: Wow, cockrings can be vibrators, too! Place them around your cock or your partners cock and it can directly stimulate the clitoris and his penis at the same time! Cockrings can intensify your sexual experience for sure!

Couture Utopia (Rabbit Style Vibe)
 Rabbit Vibrators:  The rabbit vibrator has two prongs for stimulating the clitoris and regular dildo for stimulating the inside of the vagina and the g spot.   The rabbit vibrator is know for it's two prong  clit stimulator, which seems to look like a pair of cute rabbit ears. They too come in many different colours, styles and materials.

Sex Toy Buying Online Sex Toy Buying Online

Bad Boy (Black)
    I want to write about buying sex toys online from As the owner of I want to let you know that buying sex toys from us online is extremely discreet. We never indicate what the contents of your packages are. Our name is also not on the shipping label, so your mail man or UPS guy will not have any clue.

Cesar 2.0 Love Machine
Cesar 2.0 Love Machine is a small  business that has time to take care of you personally. I handle many of our orders myself. We are small, but we are growing everyday. I am amazed at our growth right now. I guess our growth can attributed to the fact that more and more people are shopping online for their adult sex toys and products.

Belladonna's Bitch Fist
  When you buy online you avoid those awkward run ins with people at the regular sex shop. I mean you never know who you could run into down there. Possibly your parents? Grandparents even! Now that's an awkward situation! Also, you can keep away from those creepy perverts that always seem to be lingering in the store.

100 Sexiest Porn Star Ever
Simply put will give you anything you want when it comes to adult products, dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, fleshlights, bondage gear, porn movies (with almost any genre you can imagine), naughty costumes, adult games, and much more. I believe you will find everything you want at Give us a try you will not be disappointed!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

All About Butt Plugs

Blue Thunder Butt Plug
   As you may know butt plugs come in a huge variety of colours, forms, styles, and designs. Some are developed to look like cones, and some are ribbed. Most butt plugs feature a slim tip which progressively gets broader forming a cone shape, with a flange at the end to prevent the toy from going all the way into the anus.

Metal Workx Teaser
   Butt plugs are most commonly made with latex. Other popular butt plugs are made of silicone, plastic, and metal butt plugs. They make anal plugs that can ejaculate by putting liquid in the read of the plug. Some butt plugs are for a man's prostate glade, theses butt plugs are also known as prostate massagers. There are also inflatable butt plugs that use a hand squeezed pump to inflate.
Gapers Organic Infatable Butt Plug
   If your are considering adding butt plugs or any sex toy to your sex toy arsenal, talking to your partner about your desires is a great first step. You can show your partner what it is you desire to put either in your butt or theirs at a sex shop. I have a huge selection of butt plugs, and other anal sex toys. I am confident you will find what you need at my online sex store.

Sasha Grey's Signature Huge Plug
   Remember, with any sex toy it's essential that it be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. Though there are many different types of materials, butt plugs made of metal and silicone are suggested since both  are easy to clean and both don't carry viruses. Silicone is also hypo-allergenic, and silicone also holds in heat well, which may boost sexual satisfaction. Wash your metallic or silicone butt plug or other sex toy is put the toy in hot water water for about 8 minutes (you can use soap if you desire)and BAM! It's show time!

    This is Jeffery Truesdell Owner of wishing you a great life and even greater sex life!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why I Support Gay Marriage and Rights

  I would like to know why gay and lesbians should not be allowed enjoy all rights including marriage. One of the most common answers is that God opposes it. God opposes a lot of things including murder, lying, being disobedient to one's parents and few others.  Then again, I thought we had the right to choose what religion we follow. I thought we even had the the right to not follow any religion or even believe in God or gods. Opposing gay marriage with this is ridiculous.

 Another reason people oppose gay marriage is that they think gay and lesbians choose to be homosexual. Which is totally not that case. I mean it would be just as hard for a straight man to go gay as for gay man to go straight. This argument is faulty as well. Why can't we just accept gay and lesbians? They are here and they are here to stay, no one is going to change them. They are beautiful people.

  The way I see this  issue is like we're back in the 1960's fighting for black rights. I know, it is not exactly the same thing but it is similar. People are still fighting for their rights here. A simple right... the right to marry the one they love.  Why on earth would someone want to deny another human being to right to marry the one they love? It seems so cruel to me.

  This has been bothering for awhile. I am a straight male and I just disgusted with all the hatred towards gays. Get over it! Let them be, they are human, too! That is how I feel. As a own of a adult toy store I see a lot of sexual diverse people. I love it! I love when people can be honest with who they are sexually. As long as no one is hurting anyone against their will (some people like it rough), or abusing children then it is all good with me.

Thanks for listening to me!
Feel free to check out my website

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  Owning my own sex toy shop  has its advantages. For one I meet and interact with a lot of interesting people, all from different lifestyles. The other is what I learn from these people. I learned way more about sex and all the many ways it can be done than ever before. I truly love this knowledge. Some of the knowledge  will simply be knowledge, as some of the content will not be tried by me.

   I encourage sexual exploration, if you have desire to do something with your partner, at least ask! I know it can be hard depending on what it is. You never know... maybe they are a closet freak and are down for whatever. You should put some effort into communicating your fantasy! If you don't act it will always just be a fantasy.

  Just know will always be there to supply you with the sex toys to get the job done! Please have a fun and healthy sex life!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Choosing a Sex Toy.

 Purchasing a sex toy can be an easy task, but finding the right one for you takes research. Finding a sex toy that is perfect for your needs, you need to ask yourself some questions.

1.  Will you be using this sex toy for personal pleasure?
      You will need to figure out if this will be a solo toy, because you will need to purchase some sex toy cleaner, because sharing sex toys is unsanitary and you need to clean it before sharing or cover it with a condom.

2. Will size of the sex toy be comfortable for your orifices?
     This is important, because you definitely do not want to bring your sex toy home and realize the sucker is too big or even too small. Just be aware of sizes so you do not become disappointed. Especially if you are using toys for the first time, you might get discouraged. Sex toys are amazing, don't miss out!

3. Are you allergic to the material the sex toy is made from?
     This is important, you definitely do not want an allergic reaction, when you are in action with your sex toy. Make sure to checkout what material the sex toy is made from to ensure an allergic reaction won't happen.

4. What is your preferred method of stimulation?

    Everyone has a different idea of a good time. That translates to sexual experiences, too. Some people enjoy anal stimulation, so they are toys like butt plugs, anal beads and prostate massagers (for men). Some women enjoy G spot stimulation, while others enjoy  direct clitoris stimulation. There is a sex toy for each job, so make sure your getting the one that gets the job done for you! There are some toys that can get multiple jobs done, too!

These are just some example of questions you should ask yourself. Like I said everyone is different so there are millions of different preferences.  Before you buy a sex toy make sure you select the one that best matches your likes and sexual interests so you will enjoy your sex toy to the max.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Do People Use Sex Toys? Why Do People Use Sex Toys?

Aneros Hilex (Prostate Massager)
 I think people use sex toys because they want to explore and try new things. I don't believe people use them as a way to replace their partners reproductive organs, as many people believe. I do not understand why people get so insecure about sex toys, because they are not a replacement for the real thing. A sex toy is not a living being.
Thunder Cloud Rainbow

  A sex toy is just a tool to help enhance  your sexual experience, either by yourself or with your partner. I love fleshlights but I would never think it could ever be a replacement for an actual vagina. Though, it is an awesome sex toy and wonderful for male masturbation.

Fleshlight Girls Asa Akira
 Sex toys do have their place in your sex life and they do exceptionally well. Sex toys are great because they help you achieve orgasm and at the same time you are practicing the safest sex of all.... MASTURBATION! When you use a sex toy with your partner it can add significant excitement to your sexual experience.

 If you are thinking about getting a sex toy for the first time go for it! It will not hurt to try. I would suggest doing some research on what you are intending to buy. Only select the highest quality sex toys for your pleasure and safety. Some sex toys are not exactly safe. I happen to know of a great place to purchase a top quality sex toy. It just so happens I run the place.

Door Swing
If you are contemplating purchasing a high quality sex toy check out my store, I have thousands of sex toys for you

                                      Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Fashion has long been the haven of some of society's most diverse and original figures. Its reputation for welcoming the weird, the wonderful and the avant-garde goes way back. It's how fashion stays new. So in many ways it's strange that we even need All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, the initiative run by Caryn Franklin, Debra Bourne and Erin O'Connor. But the reality is now that fashion mostly demands models who are very tall, very young, very thin and very white- a narrow ideal of beauty which is just one of the many troubling issues our society as a whole has with body image.

This morning, I went along to All Walks' forum at Graduate Fashion Week where tutors from fashion schools across the country gathered together to tell each other how they're engaging their students in looking at bodies and beauty in a different way. Mal Burkinshaw from Edinburgh College of Art told us about his project 'Body Talk 2012' where he explored the kind of words his students used to describe different bodies represented in art. At Ravensbourne, students have created a site where anyone can upload unretouched images of themselves which they love while in Bournemouth, glamorous older model Valerie Pain has been used in a photo shoot and in the catwalk show of some of the design graduates.

Valerie Pain wearing a design by Johanna Wulf from the Arts College, University of Bournemouth (
This is all fantastic-if sometimes a bit tokenistic- and at least it is positive to see design schools engaging with the concept that the current favourite catwalk model ideal might not be the only option. All Walks is also expanding on the work already done by tutors by launching a competition called Diversity NOW which will enlist students to create campaigns for a wider range of body and beauty ideals. However, for students who need to get a job out of university it's not very practical for them to use a model who's not the norm to show their pieces because they simply won't get a job- if they show their final collection on a size 16 model then they are effectively only applying for a job at Evans. Nobody else will take them seriously. And I'm not making this up- the course leaders at this morning's forum all agreed on that point.

What I'm finding hard to get my head round is apparent gap between the academic research on this subject and what's actually happening. After the forum, I spoke to Dr Phillippa Diedrichs who contributed to the recent government report on body image. She says that an increase in diversity does make commercial sense. "When W magazine did a plus size issue, it sold out immediately" she pointed out. Much has been made of research by Ben Barry whose survey of 3,000 women found that they "significantly increase purchase intentions when they see a model that reflects their age, size and race". A quick google search shows that Barry is the founder of a Canadian modelling agency which represents "diverse" models. He's also written a bestselling book on the subject so has considerable commercial interest himself in making these claims.  Nevertheless, the research makes a strong case for the financial rewards of using models of different ages, sizes and races.

Post-baby Kate Moss shot by Mert and Marcus in 2003 (image from
So, is it just too soon for the big changes to have filtered through? In high fashion, the rise of the Asian model has coincided with growing importance of Asian economies as consumers of designer clothes. The brilliant Tricia Jones, publisher of i-D magazine, told this morning's forum that we need to demand realistic images- she cited an exclusive which i-D had of Kate Moss' first shoot after giving birth. She looked amazing- obviously- but was still retouched to erase the evidence of her recent pregnancy, much to Jones' annoyance. "We need real pictures and not the crap they (magazines, ads) are trying to feed us"she argued. I guess the million dollar question is, do we WANT to buy a magazine with a shoot where Kate Moss looks anything less than utterly, unrealistically perfect? I wouldn't mind actually and it'd bridge the gap between retouched shoots and horrid paparazzi caught-looking-a-bit-fat-or-spotty pictures.

We know that plenty of students out there are reading and would love to know if you've had to address body image and diversity in your course and what you think about it being taught.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

The week before last, the FashEd went along to the Royal College of Art's fashion show where she saw the work of this year's crop of graduates. Like any keen-eyed fashion editor, Melanie had her favourites and we wanted to share some of their work with you today. This week is Graduate Fashion Week so the blog is going to be very 'graduate' orientated as we scout out our favourite graduates from the UK's best design courses and see what they actually get from the four-day event at Earl's Court. We can't wait to get out there and see what's on offer. In the meantime, the RCA grads have come up trumps with some gorgeous imagery and notes, explaining what inspires them and how they have come to their final pieces.


'The main colour inspiration came from my photography, which I used as print in my collection. My shapes follow the casualness of oversized shirts, and the cut is also influenced by traditional Chinese flat garments. I’m interested in using unusual materials and finding new ways of garment making. I’m drawn to traditional Chinese ink painting, with the ink and water penetrates through the paper. That has given me the idea of using silicone to penetrate fabric to join fabrics instead of sewing. The application of silicone became a main feature of my design which allowed minimalist designs.'


Devil-may-care (the name of my collection) was inspired by the juxtaposition between innocence and the unspoken assumptions and persuasions of everyday life. The collection finds parallels in the ritualisms that surround quintessential English horror, with particular reference to the stereotypical virgin sacrifice and the motif work of Irish crochet. Parallels mirrored in the melancholia and strictness of Victoriana through an imposing and imperial pagoda shoulder juxtaposed against a corseted, willowy, lissome and sensual waist. An awkward wide and flaring leg, emphasising an elongated silhouette and ghostly, ethereal/otherworldly quality captured through delicate layering of fine guage devore knits and silks (discharge and devore printed) and fluid cashmere, silk, and traditional wool suiting. Colours are drawn from the the overcast grey-lavender of a forest mist shrouding that which cannot be seen, the black-purple of the night and the reddened umber of the sodden earth. The green hues of moss and fern to the slate greys and damp purple of the heathland heather with subtle/pale and washed out highlights. Reference to eveningwear worn in a nonchalant way emphasising the louche brooding and deeply dark/sexy of a rock star sensibility and the fetishisms of the night.

I studied (BA) Fashion at Kingston University graduating in 2009. After Graduate Fashion Week I pursued my own label after interest from various stockists, including Digitaria, later to become Machine-A, on Berwick St. At this point, I applied to the Royal College of Art (MA) Fashion Menswear course. During my time at the College I was awarded the prestigious Brioni Award.


The Tom Crisp man celebrates a raw and powerful youth aesthetic. Inspired by the graffiti artist Delta, Jose Perla and Gus Van Sant body of work, the 2012 menswear collection includes modern tailoring through to a distressed and deconstructed casual look. A make do attitude resonates throughout the collection; especially in pieces that are deconstructed from the original garment and remade into modern silhouettes. This appropriation method surfaces with denim tees from denim jackets, a remade nylon parka and an Airforce jacket made into trousers. A layered silhouette evokes a 90s grunge attitude while the slim cuts of the suits add a rock edge. Throughout the collection angular planes of fabric disintegrate into distressed surfaces. Raw edges create a dishevelled look helped by texture play with ripped leather and denim hand painted to look like a wall of graffiti. The cotton and denim base is enhanced by silk, linen and mohair jacquard weaves in suits and a luxe parka. Industrial shine is provided by cropped nylon parkas and knitted nylon jumpers. Colours are murky, taking their cues from rusty metal. Ranging from deep purples, inky blues and military green through to rusty oranges and bright turquoise provided by glossed, verdigris copper powder. Rusted iron is used on a deconstructed suit to continue a raw feel and to add a new texture dimension.


I was born and raised in Manchester where I studied Fashion Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Whist studying in Manchester, I completed an internship with Roland Mouret. After graduating, I moved to London to pursue a career in outerwear design working for a high street supply company, which taught me much about the business side of fashion. I then went on to study my Masters in Womenswear Fashion Design at the Royal College of Art in 2010. Whist studying at the Royal College I also got the opportunity to help out in Richard Nicoll's studio. I enjoy bringing out the dark side of women, my designs are lead by an obsession with the female form and architecture.


Friday, June 8, 2012


Posted by Melanie Rickey, Fashion Editor at Large

Bethan is out and about in the countryside today working with a brand, while I am off on my first trip to The Hay Festival with Mary who is speaking there tomorrow, (5.30pm at Barclays Pavilion if you're interested). She is presenting, in my humble opinion, her best lecture on the true nature of value in modern British society. I never fail to be moved and inspired by it. This afternoon I'm booked in to see Andrew Marr speak, followed by my secret intellectual crush Alain de Botton presenting short "How To" lectures from his School of Life series.

This follows an inspiring night with Ari Seth Cohen and his bevy of couture clad, peacockishly glam grandmas to launch his Advanced Style book, a spin off from his fabulously original blog of the same name. It was fab to see Sasha (Liberty London Girl) and her mother, Victoria; Navaz (Disney Roller Girl), Fred (Fred Butler Style), Allison (Thats Not My Age) at the launch which was at Mary's House of Fraser store on Oxford Street. Photos and chat with Ari to come. In the meantime, I wanted to share this truly awesome and inspirational fashion film from by Santiago and Mauricio Sierra with you.

Have a happy weekend!


She’s Electric

Santiago and Mauricio Hit the Gas in Their High-Speed Neon Short

Pop photography and filmmaking siblings Santiago and Mauricio Sierra take us on a high-octane night ride starring a vamped-up Alana Zimmer in their latest short, She’s Electric. Looking back on growing up in the 80s, the brothers drew inspiration from Japanese anime, Atari video games and Disneyland’s Space Mountain attraction to create the retro imagery. “We remembered watching ET and Back to the Future, and when our dad got the first Mac,” says Santiago. “It was an interesting time where new technology was shaping the vision of the future.” Previously creating color-bursting fashion shoots and sparkling campaigns for the likes of Interview magazine and Dior, Santiago and Mauricio cast otherworldly Canadian model Zimmer as their “perfect future 80s character” to sport the head-turning spring/summer beauty looks from makeup artist Romy Soleimani. “What we do isn’t film, it’s images in motion. It’s the new photography,” explains Santiago of their post-production-heavy technique. Adds Mauricio: “People can recreate entire universes out of nothing, and that’s one of the things we love to play with.”

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Posted by Melanie Rickey, Fashion Editor at Large 

One of my favourite online fashion shopping destinations is They always have the iconic editorial fashion pieces of the season in stock; mainly because their rather awesome fashion director Justin O'Shea recognises a key fashion piece on sight, and then has the savvy to buy them in quantity. 

In actual fact, I've just bought the Givenchy silver biker sandals I've had my eye on all season from MyTheresa, and at a very agreeable price too as their 50% off summer sale began today. Right there in the above sentence is another reason why I love MyTheresa. Price is a key factor: they buy fantastically edgy fashion pieces from labels you don't often find online, and even charged at full RRP the item will be slightly less than the cost in GBP/££, so once in sale they become too good a bargain to pass up!

The Munich based high fashion website grew out of a bricks and mortar shop named, appropriately enough, Theresa, which is owned by husband and wife team Susanne and Christoph Botschen. Theresa launched 24 years ago; locally the Botschens were seen as pioneers for bringing luxurious European and American labels into Munich. Now, internationally the site is known for its great selection of brands and eye for European style that swoops across from Balenciaga accessories to Miu Miu, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent runway collections with much more besides. A lot of what you see on the site feels like a rare find because many of the luxury brands will only agree to sell online if the website also has a bricks and mortar store. If you haven't switched on to MyTheresa yet, I suggest you give it a whirl. Here is what I would be buying right now if I wasn't somewhat physically compromised due to being pregnant.  Givenchy glittery sandals will have to keep me going until then....  
Carven dress £234 from £333
Mary Katrantzou blazer £1,404 to £983

Dolman cashmere cardigan £359 to £252
Givenchy sandals £513 to £330

Erdem blouse £550 to £385

Marchesa Notte cocktail dress £702 to £422

Peter Pilotto shirt £504 to £353
Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony skirt £437 to £263

Samantha Sung blouse £269 to £189

Jason Wu jumper £719 to £432