Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All About Fleshlights

The Fleshlight Pure
 I personally love the Fleshlight, I believe it is the greatest male sex toy on this planet. I am not saying this because I sell them. I have used  them for years and while not a replacement for the real thing, it comes close. Lets just say it is way better than using your hand.

Since being patented in 1998 the Fleshlight has been bought and used by millions of men. It is now the hottest selling sex toy for men on earth. The Real Feel Superskin insert is where the magic is. It feel so life like to me. I enjoy masturbating with it and even having my partner use it on me.
The Stoya Fleshlight

 As a Fleshlight enthusiast I want every man to try it at least once. I mean, what will it hurt? You will have a new toy to play with, instead of just using your hand. The Fleshlight is a high quality masturbation aid that could really change the way you do your most personal act.

   I saw my first Fleshlight at a porn site (not sure which one). There it was some cartoon with a flashlight looking thing. Not sure what it was at first, but I clicked and read about it. It sounded like a cool thing for me, especially being single at the time. I ordered it, and when it came to my door I could wait to try it.
The Katsuni Fleshlight

  I unboxed the sucker and looked at it for awhile. At first it was weird, but then later I went to my bedroom for a test drive. Let me tell you I was really surprised at how good it felt and since then I was sold on them. I would recommend them every man around the world.

Check out the Fleshlight today!


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