Friday, November 23, 2012

All About Vibrators All About Vibrators

   It is believed that about 25 to 30 percent of females are not capable of orgasm through regular sex. As a way to take care of this vibes may be used to help or even just boost your sex life. Sex toys can even be issued from sex counselors to females who have difficulty reaching a climax during sex. Couples may also choose to use a vibe to increase the pleasure of their sexual experience.

There are many different kinds of vibrators available. I am going to talk about some them now.

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Waterproof Vibrators: These vibrators can be used wet, like from the shower wet, not the completely submerged, diving to the see the Titanic kind of wet. The water resistant vibes are suggested to be used with a water compatible lubrication, such as silicone-based lubrication. One is advised to check the power supply to make sure it is not faulty before using the feel under the sea. These vibes last longer if they are dried after every use and the battery power are kept outside the feel when it is not used.

Lipstick Vibe
Discreet Vibrators: Vibrators that are prudently designed to look like everyday things are known as discreet or under cover vibes. This form of vibes is created of a variety of components, forms and colours. The undercover vibes are usually relatively small enough and most of plenty of time they have only one speed and are powered by a single power supply. They tend to copy an exact appearance and design of the everyday, ordinary, objects they are designed to look like, making these vibrators masters of disguise and thus popular among people who travel, and those who wish to masturbate at work. No one will know your lip stick gives you an orgasm!

Anal Vibrator
Anal Vibrators: Anal Vibrators  are awesome they have a flang just like butt plugs. The flange is in place to help to avoid them from going too deep and getting lodged inside the anus (an embarrassing experience, possibly requiring medical attention). Anal vibrators come in many different shapes and colours. They are made from various material as well. When using an anal vibrator, or any sex toy that is designed to go into the anus, it is highly recommended to use alot of lube to ensure that it is comfortable and no tearing of the rectum occurs.

G-spot Vibrators: Similar to the conventional feel but with a challenge and often a soft jelly-like layer. The bend makes it much simpler to use to activate the g-spot or prostate related gland. The G-spot vibes are specifically developed to activate the G-spot in females, and the p spot (prostate gland) in men. This form of vibe has a rounded tip.  These vibrators also come in  many different colours, styles. The vibrating action helps to increase orgasm intensity while in G-spot or prostate  gland play . If you plan to use them to stimulate a man's p spot make sure that you use liberal amounts of lube to ensure a comfortable experience.

Dildo Vibrators: Most of us have seen this vibrator configuration the  dildo vibe!  Most dildos do not have any form of power to make them vibrate. They are usually slid in and out of a mouth, anus, or vagina. When given a vibrator motor it can add even more pleasure to the sex party. Dildo vibrators come in many differnt colors, sizes and configurations.

The Diving Dolphin Cockring
Vibrating Cockrings: Wow, cockrings can be vibrators, too! Place them around your cock or your partners cock and it can directly stimulate the clitoris and his penis at the same time! Cockrings can intensify your sexual experience for sure!

Couture Utopia (Rabbit Style Vibe)
 Rabbit Vibrators:  The rabbit vibrator has two prongs for stimulating the clitoris and regular dildo for stimulating the inside of the vagina and the g spot.   The rabbit vibrator is know for it's two prong  clit stimulator, which seems to look like a pair of cute rabbit ears. They too come in many different colours, styles and materials.


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