Monday, May 28, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

After some highly scientific research i.e looking around, the FashEd and I have decided that British girls fall into two camps when it comes to dressing for a heatwave: there's the denim cut-off and vest camp and there's the summer dress camp. The denim short is predictable and a complete fall back option, akin to having the same sandwich for lunch every day. That's why my heart lies with the cotton summer dress- I spent my weekend wearing various versions of something light and airy, pretty and below the knee. Those are my own rules of buying a summer dress- I'm sure you'll all have your own. If it makes me look like I might be in the French countryside circa 1955 then I want it. The ultimate version is Prada's Le Voyager. Prada describe this year's collection as "folk-geometric fantasies partnered with a selection of post-card prints inspired by cities such as Milan, Venice, Paris and London". If you have £505 burning a whole in your pocket, then get thineself to a Prada boutique right now...

If not, then here are our five picks of ones to get now, plus one special extra:

Vanessa Bruno at My-Wardrobe

£270 from My Wardrobe

Peekaboo Vintage at ASOS Marketplace

If you're after a bargain, then vintage, charity shops and car boots are your friend.

£55 from Peekaboo on ASOS Marketplace
We Are Hairy People at ASOS Marketplace

My Favourite!

£65 at ASOS Marketplace


Pretty florals... £40 


Funnily enough, Topshop also have some very similar to this brand-new, limited edition one in their vintage section at Oxford Circus. It's packed full of summer frocks- admittedly they're more expensive than scouring vintage stores yourself but if you're willing to pay the premium to have the searching done for you, this is where to head.

£95 from Topshop

Finally, if you can't find your perfect summer dress then why not get one made up exactly to your specifications? The Depanneur Royale girls I found on Etsy will put together a dress made to fit your measurements. You can choose the fabric and tweak the style, all for just over £50. I love this idea, the only downside being it takes three weeks to come, the current heat wave may be over by then but you'll be well prepped for the next...

Here's one they made earlier...

Made to measure tea dresses from Depanneur Royale

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