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Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

You might think press days are mostly about looking at lots of lovely clothes, bags and shoes- quite often they are- but at the best ones you learn something new. This morning, I went to Salvatore Ferragamo's AW12 presentation. Their mainline collection is perfectly on trend for AW12, inspired by the luxe side of Russian history- think Tsars and Princesses wrapped in gold threaded embroidery and astrakhan (the hideous fur taken from the bodies of unborn lambs).  Aside from this, the Italian family business famed for its shoes and leather goods since the 1920s has revived several of its iconic designs from the past. Today, I have learnt all about them.
A Ferragamo ad from the late 30s (image from

My favourites are these chunky heeled gold disc mosaic sandals which were made for Brazillian Samba star and Hollywood actress Carmen Miranda in the late 30s. I can just imagine wearing these on holiday with a crop top and some kind of huge flower/ fruit piece of jewellery. They seem sort of timeless, like they could work just as well now as they might have done on stage in the 40s or at Studio 54 in the 70s.
Salvatore Ferragamo originally made the gold mosaic sandal for Carmen Miranda (
There are platforms which look like they might be crafted from foam to make you bounce along as you wear them. They're architectural, as all good shoes should be. In my research this afternoon, I learnt that Ferragamo did courses in Human Anatomy at the University of Southern California so that he could fully understand how to make the perfect shoe to complement the foot's bone structure. These are versions of one of Ferragamo's most famous styles- the Rainbow- which he made for Judy Garland.

As the most in-demand shoemaker of the mid-century, Ferragamo was, of course, called upon to do shoes for Marilyn Monroe. The company is re-launching the very sleek mid stiletto which she made her own this July (along with the other designs shown here) and there will also be a special exhibition at the label's museum in Florence.
Marilyn Monroe in her Ferragamos (image from

The Marilyn heel has been resurrected in lots of colours 


Mega glam lace heels from the AW12 show

If you look close enough, you'll see that star signs represented on this mega opulent necklace. 
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